Celebrate Summer with Good Hair

Summer and the party season are finally here & we need to take extra good care of our hair.

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The sun, swimming, excess styling and air-conditioning can have damaging effects on our hair just like our skin, which is why protection is the key.

Like everything to do with the summer season, we tend to over indulge in all areas and our hair like our hips are not very forgiving.

Like a glass of water between wines, applying a leave-in moisturiser after cleansing your hair is protecting you against the dreaded effects of dehydration. With the variety of leave-in moisturisers NAK offer, we have something for all hair types; Sprays, Crèmes, Oils and Foams.

Treatments are especially great when holidaying, so if you’re braving the beach or pool this season, remember swimming also affects the hair. It’s like shampooing your hair 10 times without Conditioner, so always remember to use a treatment.

Remember protection is the key to maintaining perfect moisture levels and preserving your perfect holiday colour. If you haven’t already packed it in your beach bag, Colour Masque will be your perfect travel companion, so many colours to choose from!

Don’t think you’re safe if you’re stuck in the office, air conditioning also dries out your skin and hair so keep an Aromas Spray Oil on hand.

Expert Tip – putting a glass of water on your desk will absorb moisture from the cup rather than your hair & skin.

As your NAK experts we are always happy to help you select the perfect products for your summer season needs; we love nothing more than happy hair.

Pop, Fizz, Clink!